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A few words from some of our sweet clients!


It was a pleasure working with you; you’re such a sweet heart! Maribel, you made it such a wonderful and exciting experience… such a breeze… so easy. We worked on quite a few projects together and I’m very satisfied with the designs you created for my sweet table business… love them!  Like I mentioned previously, you’re very talented; so amazing how I provided you with some ideas and you ran with those ideas, got very creative and rocked it! Last but certainly not least, you go above and beyond, you’re prompt, attentive, creative, artistic, etc. Any questions I had Maribel, you were prompt with a response and thorough… very professional… need I say more?! 😉 I’m proud to call you my creative and artistic graphic designer, Sophie- my professional and creative writer; such a great and needed combo! 🙂  Thank you so much Maribel!! Keep up the great work and I’ll be in touch real soon regarding my other businesses. 🙂

FYI: Keep Calm and Hire CandyCrayon!! 😉

Wish you the best,

I have worked with Maribel in the past and love her work. She does an exceptional job in creating the kind of website you envision in your mind. She is creative, innovative and clever in designing the site that is fit for just for you! You will not be disappointed! She knows what she is doing and is sooooo sweet and patient with the many questions I had for her during the building process of my site.
Thank you so much Maribel!
I appreciate all of your hard work!


Maribel and Candy Crayon Designers are awesome! Maribel assisted me every step of the way. She didn't mind answering all of my questions and I had a lot. She gave me samples and ideas and tutorials, she didn't miss a beat! I initially contacted Candy Crayon when I needed help with my old website and Maribel didn't give me a hard time over the fact that someone else created the site.She helped me and performed maintenance on my old website and again answered all of my questions. When she explained that my old site was hard to maintain and outdated, she suggested a new look for my shop's site and I'm so glad she did.

We love our new website, it's so awesome! I am so glad I found Maribel and Candy Crayon. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks guys!


Maribel worked on a logo for my new bakery business, and I couldn't have been more satisfied. She was able to capture exactly what I envisioned in my head, and make it better that I could have imagined with her own creative details! She was always prompt getting back to me, and very accommodating to my needs. I am so excited to work with her on future projects!


With the birth of my son I was looking for someone to help create my own website to display my newly created business of children's birthday party invitations. I was very lucky to be directed to Maribel who has worked closely with me over the past 3 years to produce a great website.

As I am still finding my way out of the wrath of Superstorm Sandy, this note comes with sincere gratitude for all the expertise she displayed in completing the transformation of my website. Her words of support were so encouraging. Throughout the makeover everything was placed and coordinated so well. Maribel's knowledge and special touches provided the creativity to enhance my layouts that I had designed for my website.

This project was in the works for quite a while and getting back on my feet financially and re establishing myself in my business was expedited by her kindness. I am pleased and glad that we have maintained this great working relationship and happy to call Maribel my online business associate and friend

BerryCuteDesigns has proved to be an invaluable resource to me. My designer Maribel not only provided design guidance but she has also guided me through the ins and outs of setting up a website.

I originally contracted to create an eBay store template but when we were about to launch, we were no longer able to use eBay. No worries. Maribel was able to modify the template to suit my new platform even though she had no experience with it.

Working with Maribel has been great. She is easy to communicate with and she has the ability to build upon an idea to achieve great creative results. If you are looking for a designer who can build upon your concept, you have come to the right place. Her suggestions and unsolicited tweaks have proved invaluable. is an awesome business partner. I used their services for my first Ecommerce design in early 2010. After positive feedback from my target demographic, I knew that Maribel had to be my designer for my next website. She is currently working on our next project together.

I plan to use for all my design work because Maribel has proven to be intelligent, creative, helpful and most importantly a great designer!

Keep up the great work Maribel!


All I have to say is,love,Love Maribel she has been extremely patience with me and so accommodating, I have no words to express how happy we are with the end results of our website, beautiful work and she helps you to the end. Thank you Candy Crayon it has been a pleasure working with you and thanks for all the help you provided us. I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends and family. Thank You Thank you….

Sugar Buzz Buffet

The Candy Crayon team does fantastic work! After selling sodas and soda related collectibles exclusively on eBay for several years, we contracted with Candy Crayon Design to create a new logo for us along with a new website. The Candy Crayon team vigorously worked closely with us to understand the look and feel for what we wanted our new logo and website to look like and operate. After a relatively short period of time we were able to launch the website and we and our customers absolutely love it!

Steve Hunt
Soda Emporium

What a Godsend Maribel has been. Her design of the website for our non-profit foundation “Love You Lungs” was ingenious. She chose to place a balloon after our name symbolizing inflation and deflation, the same function as our lungs. How Clever! Her work ethic, as far as professionalism, combined with her pleasant flair of written correspondence makes it a pleasure working with her.

Maribel also designed Beaded Jewelry Box, twice actually, once for me as an eBay store and now as my store website. Even though I have only corresponded with Maribel through emails, I feel as though I know her. The design she used captured the image I wanted to portray in presenting my jewelry designs perfectly.

Thank You Maribel for all your hard work and continued dedication. We are honored to have you on our Love Your Lungs Team.

Love Your Lungs

It was great working with Candy Crayon Design, I got exactly what I wanted for my website. It was very easy and fast, my website was up in no time. Thank you very much for everything, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

A Cake In A Cup

I had been looking for a designer for so long that I could trust, and believe me I searched everywhere for someone. I tried a few of these people before I found Maribel and you will not believe the hassles I went through. Please contact me if you would like to know some people you donít want to deal with.

I cannot begin to tell you how great Maribel is! She is an excellent graphic designer/artist and has top-notch customer service. She made a custom design for me and listened to all of my ideas. Her design was 20 times more than I expected and has attracted much more traffic to my store. The one on one service she will give you will cost you thousands with anyone else and you will not get the quality she will provide you. She is such a wonderful person and very trustworthy which is very rare these days! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need me to tell you this over the phone or by email.

Maribel, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. It has been my pleasure to work with you and I am sure I will be back again and again. You are the best!

Steve Darpino
The Handbag House

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